Guruji Travelled Overseas to spread Jainism

Since time immemorial Jain Monks moved on foot and did not use any vehicle, but Guruji created history by venturing to use vehicle & aeroplane. Guruji crossed the national boundary and started on and unprecedented international tour with a team of dedicated followers on 15th June 1975. Guruji wanted to spread the message of Bhagwan Mahavir in the whole universe. In his view, the principles of Truth, Non-Violence (Ahimsa), Non - Possessiveness (Aprigrah), Multiplicity of viewpoints (Anekant), and Compassion-Love for all, Universal Brotherhood are very much relevant and need to be preached and practised all over the world.

Guruji in USA

Guruji's charming personality and heart toucing speeches had magical effect on the listeners. He addressed the masses, they followed him. He led a mission of Non-Violence. He acted as a centre of all world religious activities. He stood like a living temple of learning for meditation. Shri T.N.Kaul, the then ambassador of India in U.S.A. was of great help to Guruji in America.


Guruji founded SIDDHACHALAM - Abode of supreme powers JAIN TIRTH outside India in Blairstown, New Jersey, U.S.A. in 108 Acres of land in 1983. He installed the Images of Tirthankaras i.e. Bhagwan Adinath, Bhagwan Chandra Prabhu, Bhagwan Shantinath, Bhagwan Parsvanath, Bhagwan Mahavir, Bhagwan Bahubali and Dev, Devis. Now - a - days Siddhachalam is vibrant with activities. Kindly visit web site for more information.

Recognition of Jain Religion in U.N.O as 12th Religion

It was due to the efforts of Acharya Sushil Muniji that Jain religion was accorded the status of 12th religion by U.N.O. Since then Jain religion is being recognised as one of the world religions.

IMJM'S Representation in U.N.O.

International Mahavir Jain Mission became affiliated with U.N.O. as a N.G.O.

Jain Studies Dept. & Jain Chair at Columbia University, USA & Toronto University in Canada.

Jain studies department was opened at Columbia University - one of the oldest & most reputed academic institutions in the world. A Jain Chair was established at the Toronto University in Canada.

Opening of Jain Centers in more than 30 Countries

The most important development was the opening of Jain Centers in more than 30 countries. These centers are fulfilling the great need for the unification of all Jain communities.

Appealing Peace through Non - Violence to Secretary General, U.N.Os

In 1982, Guruji led leaders from 8 (eight) nations and submitted a memorandum to the United Nations' Secretary General appealing peace through Non - Violence for the bebefit of entire humankind, environment, nature and marine life. Guruji with Secretary General U.N.O.

Peace Rally in New York, USA

Acharyaji and his followers organised the fourth largest Peace rally in New York city in 1982.

Guruji in UK

Although Guruji belonged to Jain tradition of spirituality, he was respected by Hindu leaders as well. Guruji was invited to inaugurate and preside over the World Hindu Conference in Britain in 1989.

Global Conference of Spiritual leaders and Parliamentarians in Moscow

In 1990 Guruji was the main speaker on Meditation and Non-Violence at the global conference of spiritual leaders and parliamentarians in Moscow. During the conference Guruji also discussed matters of world peace with Soviet Premier Mikhail Gorbochov. More than 1000 persons from 70 countries attended the conference.

Movement for Non-Violence, Peace and Environment in Rio, Brazil

The world movement for Non-Violence, Peace and Environment was started in Rio, Brazil. As its founder Guruji was nominated as the President with Dr.Robert Muller as its co-president.

Guruji in Japan

In Global forum in Japan International Green Cross was commenced when more than 700 delegates from 88 countries attended the function.

Ahimsa at Sacred Earth Summit

Due to the efforts of Guruji, United nations adopted the concept of Ahimsa at the Sacred Earth Summit with a view to protecting all forms of 8.4 Millions Species of Life which existed in the world (As per Jain Religion).

Here are some of the copies of letters & documents which shows Guruji's efforts for spreading Principles of Jainism overseas:-