Acharya Sushil Ashram‚ Ahimsa Bhawan‚ Shanker Road‚ New Delhi was Guruji’s first ashram and the Karmabhoomi of Guruji. Foundation stone of this ashram was laid by 1st Prime Minister Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru Ji in 1963 for building an Ahimsa Library. Guruji in his lifetime made collection of over 8000 Books on Jainism‚ Jain Agams (Shastras) in Sanskrit‚ Hindi and Gujrati plus some of world religions. We have carefully kept and protected these for students‚ scholars‚ jain monks & nuns for their studies to obtain right knowledge and spread the message of Ahimsa & Jainism‚ Mr P.C Jain is Chairman of this Library.

Acharya Sushil Ashram‚ Ahimsa Bhawan‚ Shankar Road have three buildings Annexe building‚ Main Building and New building. The annexe building has 4 floors in which classrooms of Ahimsa Women’s Polytechnic are located. Ahimsa Women’s Polytechnic was established by Guruji in 1985 and it provides vocational training to women so that they may become self dependent.

The main building has basement‚ ground floor‚ first floor and second floor; the front half of the building has been leased to Punjab National Bank since 1985. The back half of this building is devoted to the activities of Vishwa Ahimsa Sangh – basement houses more classrooms of Ahimsa Women’s Polytechnic‚ at the ground floor there is an Auditorium‚ first floor has Ahimsa Library and 6 rooms for visiting scholars and guests of the ashram ; at the second floor is Jain Sthanak.

The new building has basement‚ ground floor and 1st to 4th floors ; basement is used for the activities of Vishwa Ahimsa Sangh; at the ground floor there is Acharya Sushil Viklang Sahayata Kendra‚ which provides artificial limbs to the handicapped free of cost‚. 1st to 4th floors are let out to State Bank of Bikaner and Jaipur.

Besides this we have a Jain temple in the complex‚ under a temporary structure‚ in which Swetambar idol‚ next to earlier existing Digambar idol ; was installed in 2002‚ as per the wishes of Guruji and in furtherance of Guruji’s idealogy.

Shri Mulkh Raj Jain‚ is the president of Vishwa Ahimsa Sangh‚ Shri P.C Jain & Shri Madan Lal Jain are the vice-presidents ‚ Shri S.P. Jain and Shmt. Asha Jain are the secretaries and Shri Sunil Jain is the treasurer‚ besides other committee members numbering 20. Since 1995‚ when the executive committee of Vishwa Ahimsa Sangh started functioning from Shanker Road ashram‚ we have got vacated the back side basement of the main building and basement of the new building‚ both earlier let out to private parties. We have been holding elections regularly and maintaining Ahimsa Bhawan building and filing Income-tax returns ‚ paying Property Tax, Service Tax and other taxes. M/s Jain & Jain Associates (Chartered Accountants) are the auditors to Vishwa Ahimsa Sangh and they annually audit the accounts.

We do celebrate Birthday and Punyatithi of Guruji‚ besides Sarva Dharam Sammelan under the guidance of Sarvshi Vivek Muni Ji and Siddheshwar Muni Ji‚ the two disciples of Guruji, to whom Guruji gave diksha. Their religious work is appreciated by all.

We would like to mention two other key persons – Shri Gautam Oswal‚ who lives in Faridabad (India) he served Guruji untiringly and his services are commendable. He went with Guruji to RIO (Brazil) at Earth Summit in 1992. Overseas devotees know him very well. He also visits Siddhachalam regularly.

Mr Bawa Jain‚ who lives in New Jersey (USA), is carrying on the unfinished agenda and mission of Guruji by holding first Millennium Peace Summit at United Nations 2000. A Conference was held by him at Vancouver (Canada) inviting 1200 Religious leaders from 120 countries. His office is at Empire State Building, New York‚ USA.