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Shri Mulkh Raj JainPresident : Vishwa Ahimsa Sangh, New Delhi

Shri P.C.JainPresident : International Mahavir Jain Mission,
Vice President : Vishwa Ahimsa Sangh, N.Delhi

Unfinished Agenda of Guruji

  1. To impart and to promote study and understandings of the Jain Sacred Scriptures & Teachings of TIRTHANKARAS (LORD ADINATH through LORD MAHAVIR).
  2. To promote and propagate Jain religious doctrines and beliefs.
  3. To provide academic, cultural & intellectual interchanges with the Jain community in other parts of India and abroad.
  4. To promote the principles of Truth Pure Vegetarianism, Non – violence (Ahimsa) and theory of multiplicity of views (ANEKANTAVAD).
  5. To celebrate auspicious Jain events and festivals and also the birthday and punya tithi day of our Founder – President H.H Acharya Sushil Kumarji Maharaj.
  6. To disseminate the aims & teachings of Jain religion as interpreted by our Founder – President H.H. Acharya Sushil Kumarji Maharaj.
  7. To work exclusively for religious, charitable, cultural & educational purposes.
  8. To create conditions and opportunities for common man to realize his own self by returning to his basic origin which is the state of Arihanta.
  9. To encourage the comparative study of various creeds, philosophy, art and science, an aid to real understanding of religions.
  10. To foster the spirit of tolerance towards all religious teachers and their teachings and to forge peaceful cooperation in the interest of maintaining World Peace and to develop the practical aspect of real service of life with life.
  11. To set – up, establish and maintain Libraries, Reading rooms and Institutions for study and research.
  12. To propagate and promote the ideals of this mission by means of publications, conferences, seminars, literature, music concerts, sculpture and painting exhibition, competitions, spiritual discourses etc.
  13. To train and appoint teachers and missionaries for propagating the ideals of truth Non – violence (Ahimsa) and multiplicity of views (Anekantavad).
  14. To purchase, take on lease or in exchange, hire or acquire immovable and moveable property and to arrange for building premises etc. for the mission.
  15. To raise funds by fees, contributions, donations, subscriptions & loans etc.
  16. To establish and run International Jain Research Institute and International Jain College with the powers to start and conduct Public Examinations and award certificates and Diploma equivalent to the grade and standard of any Indian and Foreign University or Board, with prior approval of authorities and after seeking affiliation from the Universities concerned.
  17. To establish, construct and run International Jain Dharamshalas.
  18. To establish and run International Mahavir Jain Mission Press in Delhi/New Delhi.
  19. To encourage, organize and establish chair for study in Jainism as revealed by the Arihantas in all Universities and other Academic Institution and Schools.
  20. To appeal to UNESCO and other philanthrophical foundations for facilites to promote all other means of mass communication.
  21. To establish, promote, support, foster and maintain the Jain Ashrams, Jain Temples, Gurukuls, Vidyapeeths etc.
  22. To establish, manage, supervise, conduct, maintain and run all types of educational institutions including Schools, Colleges, Universities, Gurukuls, Vidyapeeths etc. for the study of the Sacred Jain Scriptures and Teachings of Arihantas as revealed by the Tirthankaras.
  23. To open branches and affiliate institutions or bodies having similar objectives.
  24. To award prizes, stipends, scholarships, fellowships and other forms of assistance.
  25. The Society shall have power to acquire, receive and hold property of any kind, including land, govt. Securities and deposits to construct and maintain building to manage, sell, transfer or deal with property of any kind belonging to the Mission, to raise monies and funds in such manner as may be deemed fit and on behalf of the Society for the fulfillment of the causes of the society.
  26. To support, co – operate, promote the ‘World Movement of Non – violence for Peace and Environment’ launched by our Founder – President H.H. Acharya Sushil Kumarji Maharaj.
  27. To do all other such acts as may deem necessary or proper for the achievement of any or all the objects mentioned above.
  28. To carry on relief work among the people who are in victims of calamity.
  29. To work for the upliftment of the women in general and widows, orphans, illiterates in particular.
  30. To co – operate with other societies, institutions and organisations that have similar objects as the mission.
  31. To donate the general/unspecified funds to any orgnisation / society which has one and / or many objects similar to the objects of the Mission.
  32. To work for and / or promote the improvement of the environment by assisting in the endeavour to purify polluted water, air, land and food.
  33. To work for the recognisation of the sancitity of life in all its forms as laid down in the Jain Scriptures about 84,00,000 specifies of living beings.
  34. To take-up programmes of conservation of natural resources and to work for the preservation of wild life, oceans, rivers, mountains and all varieties of flora and fauna and to create public awareness about them.
  35. To work for solving the problems of over population by creating awareness about population control measures by educating people, organizing camps, distributing population control devices and / or by whatever means necessary.
  36. To take up scientific research in the field of Non – violence and any other such themes.
  37. To undertake relief of the poor, education, medical relief and the advancement of any other object of general public utility.
  38. To work for the promotion of animal rights, bird rights, plant rights and tree rights along with the human rights.
  39. To work for making our children better world citizens of tomorrow through their education, inculcation in them of the values of life, environment and sanctity of all living beings, specially providing relief to the orphans, destitutes and the deprived.
  40. To support and assist in the setting up and running of the International Ahimsa University (International Non - Violence College.)