Sixth World Religions' Conference New Delhi. November 8.

Acharya Sushil Kumar today urged the people of all religions not to tolerate forces of disunity. Parochialism and separatism in the name of religion

Inaugurating the Sixth World Fellowship of Religions Conference at the Red Fort grounds here, the Jain Muni deplored the prevalent notion that religion was for peace only. The truth was that religion should protest against injustices. Comparing conversions to political defections Acharya Sushil Kumar said that this was not the solution to present the problems. Oneness of religions was the need of the hour when war clouds were looming large on the horizon. He urged the leaders of all religions to work togather for the peace and prosperity of the world and to overcome narrow differences. In all 20 speakers, most of them heads of various sects, addressed the gathering. The Japanese unit revealed that it was presenting a sum of 2.33 Lakhs US dollars to the conference to promote peace.

In addition to thousands of delegates from within the country, 450 delegates from 40 different countries participated in the conference. The open session of the conference was presided over by Sant Darshan Singh, head of the Kirpal Ruhani Satsang Ashram.

The main aim of the conference, according to the organisers, was to "frame a universally acceptable code of conduct rising above the narrow feelings of region and religion".

Earlier, a peace march was organised from the Dangal Maidan opposite the Delhi Main Railway Station. The procession passed through Fatehpuri and Chandni Chowk before terminating at the Red Fort Grounds. Hundred of people who had lined on either side of the narrow lanes and some on the roof tops showered flowers on the procession as it slowly passed throw the area. At Fateh Puri mostly the piece marchers were welcomed by their Muslim brethern under the leadership of the Mufti of the Fatehpuri mosque. At the Sis Ganj Gurdwara the marchers were welcomed by Jathedar Rich Pal Singh.

Among others who addressed the gathering were Mr. Ramesh Chandra Jain, chairman of the organising committee of the conference Mr. Jain asked the people to forget their narrow religious differences and Work amicably for World Peace and Prosperity. These, he said, were the requirements of the time when society was riddled with problems.

A message of Sahu Srians Prashad Jain was also read out at the conference, as he could not attend the conference because of some unavoidable factors. The foundation of the World Fellowship of Religions was laid jointly by the late Sant Kirpal Singh, head of the lRuhani Satsang Asharm, and Acharya Sushil Kumar in 1957 to foster the ideals of brotherhood, coexistence, cooperation and tolerance among members of various religions.