Second World Religions' Conference Calcutta : February, 1960

The Second World Religions' Conference was held in Calcutta from February 2 to February 9, 1960. It was attended by over 200 learned persons representing various creeds and faiths, and from different countries. The conference was inaugurated by Swami Tridandiji Maharaj. Several distinguished persons participated in the deliberations.

Resolutions Passed

The following five resolutions were adopted :-

Resolution 1
"It has been resolved in this Second World Religions' Conference that all the Religions are based on love , Truth, and non - violence. The foremost duty of all the Religious Organizations is to propagate and practise the ideals of World-Brotherhood."

Resolution 2
" It has been further resolved in this Second World Religions' Conference that there is no confrontation between Science and Religion, but further more it strengthens one another."

Resolution 3
"To bring factual change on this earth, it is necessary that on the basis of Non-violence, everyone has to make a change in the existing social set - up and in our everyday life and Non - violence be made the source of our enlightenment. This Conference stresses on individuals, families, social and political organizations the ideals of Non-violence."

Resolution 4
"This Second World Religions' Conference is of the definite view that Religion is a necessity for World Brotherhood. Even if after this proposal a country is Secular or Non - secular, the basic facts of Religion are to be necessarily taught in the Society."

Resolution 5
"A Secular country does not mean anti-religious. It is necessary that the main goals of the Religion are taught to all in their realistic view. The World Religious Unity and World - Brotherhood can expand only when the above teachings of Religion are taught in a way when human beings of this society can put them to practice in their daily life."