Guruji was a great Apostle of Ahimsa, the benefactor of mankind and the friend of all living beings. His words inspire the masses. He spoke truthfully about human nature. He taught the people to learn the meaning of life. So the people listened to him. He acted as a source of inspiration and worked as a beacon light. He was an institution himself. Here are some of the examples of his activities which will be as the guiding force for the coming generation.


Campaign to close Slaughter House

In Gurgaon at the temple of Chaugan Mata, thousands of animals used to be slaughtered. But on his persuation, appeal and acceptance of his teachings by the slaughterers house was closed. He made contribution in getting slaughter houses in Delhi closed on the occasion of Mahavir Jayanti. In recognition of the divine power of Ahimsa, it was decided to close down slaughter houses on the death anniversary day of Gandhiji i.e. on 30th January every year. Butchers are taking oath at Rajghat to close down slaughter houses.


Cow Protection Movement

Guruji led the movement of cow protection and cow development in 1966. More than a million people participated in the biggest rally ever held. The picture showing a gathering of all religious leaders on the occasion of breaking fast by Guruji.


Efforts for Peacful Dialogue for Punjab Problem

When the state of Punjab was boiling with agitation, Acharya Sushil Muniji convinced the Sikh leaders and organized them to sit on the table and have an open & peaceful dialogue with the government. The late Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi and the late Sikh leader Saint Longowal solved this problem by Declaration of Longowal Award on 1st January 1986 which ended the Punjab agitation.


Efforts for Peacful Solution of Babri Masjid

Guruji tried to solve Babri Masjid issue peacefully. He persuaded both Muslims and Hindu Saints to sit on the table. Guruji visited the spot at Ayodhya.

Welcome of Pope's visit

When the visit of Pope was strongly opposed, Guruji calmly reminded the countrymen of our long standing tradition of welcoming the people of any caste, creed, colour and race when they visit to our home. It was due to Guruji's efforts that the visit of Pope passed off peacefully.

Here are some of the photographs which show the participation of Guruji in all walks of life.